Hiring the Right Underpinning Contractors: A Step By Step Guide

Underpinning Contractors in TorontoThere are a lot of reasons why you may want to underpin your foundation. Doing so however is exacting work that requires a contractor with experience and engineering expertise. Picking the wrong underpinning contractor could have disastrous effects for your home; but how can you know you’ve hired the right one? In this post we’ll take you through the process of separating the pros from the posers.

Finding Dependable Underpinning Contractors in Toronto

There are any number of reasons a homeowner might require the services of an underpinning contractor in Toronto, including:

  • Shifting of the ground due to torrential rains or nearby landslide.
  • The building of a second floor addition to the home.
  • Poor initial construction of the foundation.
  • Uneven settling of the house over time.

But while there are many good reasons for engaging an underpinning contractor there are precious few guidelines regarding what makes one contractor qualified and another not. Here are some things to look for when interviewing prospective underpinning contractors, starting with:

  • Reputation – Without exception you’re going to want a contractor who has performed this intricate process before. The more times the better. This is one instance where references are a must and you’ll need to follow up on the ones you receive. No buts. Also, check with the Better Business Bureau to see if a prospective contractor has a habit of winding up in court, especially with regards to underpinning work.
  • Resources – If your prospective contractor is a small company that’s hard pressed for money you may find they bail partway through the project if you refuse to meet their demands for additional cash infusions. Make sure you hire an established company to do the work. One that isn’t existing hand to mouth and has the equipment and plenty of highly trained personnel at their disposal to get the job done right.
  • Warning signs – There are some pretty dependable ways to tell if prospective underpinning contractors in Toronto will be trouble down the road, including:
    • They offer you a cash discount.
    • They want 50% or more up front.
    • They bad mouth former customers.
    • They expect you to get permits or say they aren’t necessary.
    • They delay in providing proof of liability insurance and/or licenses.

Underpinning your home’s foundation is one project where there’s no room for error. One mistake could lead to the loss of your home. For this reason it’s crucial you engage the services of a highly respected and experienced contractor with the requisite engineering know-how and experience.

Blue Line Contractors are that company. Blue Line was founded by Silvio Santos who received a degree in civil engineering in 1982 and has been actively involved in commercial and residential construction ever since. We’re able to handle any project large or small and have copious experience with and knowledge of the process of foundation underpinning.

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