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Home Addition Contractors TorontoAt Blue Line Contractors, we understand how easy it is to become attached to the family home and how inconvenient it can be to up sticks and move when more space is needed. If you are perfectly happy with the area in which you live and every member of your family is settled, moving house is probably the last thing that any of you want to do. Fortunately, there is an alternative solution: home additions. At Blue Line Contractors, we have extensive experience in Home Addition Contractors Toronto. From our experience with past clients, we can guarantee your satisfaction in your next home project.

Adding More Space to an Existing Property

Expanding an existing property is a very appealing option for settled families and although it is by no means a small undertaking, it does not have to involve any major disruption to your day-to-day living arrangements. How much disruption a home addition causes will depend on how exactly you choose to expand your current living space:

  1. Building Out – If you would like to have a bigger kitchen or a more spacious living room, this is the obvious choice. Coincidentally, it is also the one that will cause the least disruption to your home life. After excavating the space in question, we will normally install a new foundation on which your new room will be constructed. It is not until the new space has been completed that we will need to remove part of the existing exterior wall so this type of addition will not cause any disruption whatsoever until the final stage.
  2. Building Up – If, due to planning restrictions, a lack of space or any other reason, you would prefer to add a new storey to your house, we can do that too. However, you should know that these types of home additions will almost certainly involve more disruption to your home life as we will probably need to expose and strengthen the existing foundations, and alter the walls and ceilings in the storey immediately below the addition. If you do not mind the extra disruption, this is an excellent way to gain extra living space without reducing the size of your yard or garden in the process.
  3. Bump Outs – If the ground floor of your property is at a higher level than your yard, it may well be possible to build a small extension without having to excavate and lay a new foundation beforehand. Known as bumping out, such additions are a good choice for homeowners who only want to add a relatively small amount of space to the existing floor plan. The new floor area can be supported by attaching new floor joists to existing ones, often without the need for any extra support. If extra support is required, we can provide this by installing kickers under the floor.
  4. Dormers – If you would like to add a small amount of floor space to upper storeys, we may be able to help you achieve this aim with the installation of dormers. These can be installed on properties with pitched roofs and involve less construction work than the addition of a whole new storey. Whether they will be suitable for your needs depends on the amount of space you wish to add and the type of roof that your home has.

How Much Do Home Additions Cost?

As you can probably guess, the cost of a new addition will depend on a number of factors that vary from job to job. If you would like to find out how much it will cost for us to build a particular type for your home in or around Toronto, please call (416) 686-7627 during business hours and ask to speak to one of our home additions experts.

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