Second Floor Additions: The Right Option for Your Property?

Second Floor Additions TorontoAs your family grows and changes your needs grow and change as well. Kids who shared a bedroom when they were younger now want their own space. Perhaps you need a home office to accommodate your growing professional responsibilities and everybody would like a bigger kitchen. When contemplating the need for more space your options are basically three: move, build out or build up. In this post we’ll take a look at why building up may be your best bet.

Why Second Floor Additions in Toronto Are Often the Best Option

Let’s take a quick look at the other options and why they can often be less desirable than building a second floor addition.

  • Moving – No one wants to leave a house that otherwise works for them just because it’s getting cramped. Your memories are there, it’s convenient in every way, the neighbors are long-time friends. Uprooting your family just to gain a little more floor space simply doesn’t make sense from a practical or emotional point of view.
  • Building Out – Let’s say you’ve decided to stay where you are but when you take a closer look at the property you realize you also love the beautiful yard with the patio and the big oak tree. Building out would require losing the patio or cutting down the tree and neither option appeals to you. Also, because the lot is smallish, there just isn’t room to expand to the side.

The above scenarios are typical of the reasons homeowners decide that second floor additions in Toronto are the way to go. Other benefits of expanding up include:

  • Increased Value – Second floor additions typically produce a 75-80% ROI. That’s in the same range as a major kitchen remodel and vinyl window replacement; both of which are constantly – and rightfully – being promoted as money well spent.
  • Ability to Remodel the Ground Floor – Once you’ve relocated the bedrooms to the new second floor you’re free to do what you wish with the ground floor. In essence, adding a second floor allows you to create an entirely new house. It’s like moving without moving.
  • Enhanced Social Life – After you’ve remodeled the ground floor to include a larger kitchen and bigger, more open social areas you’ll be free to host those big holiday get togethers the smaller version of your home was never able to accommodate.

The old business adage “location, location, location” rings just as true for homeowners. There is simply no substitute for the peace of mind that comes with liking where you live and second floor additions are the best way to stay in the neighborhood and home you’ve come to love.

Blue Line Contractors is one of the GTAs most experienced home addition companies. We build more second floor additions in Toronto than any other company and can create one for you that will fulfill all your needs while simultaneously ramping up your lifestyle. Call Blue Line today on 416-686-7627 to find out more about how a second story addition may be just the thing for your home.

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