What Our Home Addition Contractors Do Better than the Rest

Home Addition Contractors TorontoThere are a lot of home addition contractors in Toronto who profess to the best. Most of these claims must be taken with a grain of salt however, because actually being the best is more than just a marketing term; it’s a way life. To be the best you need to approach everything you do with the same clear minded determination and hard-won expertise. When you do it shows where it counts most: in the work. At Blue Line Contractors we know that when it comes to being the best talk is cheap.

Why Blue Line is the Top Choice Among Home Addition Contractors in Toronto

At Blue Line Contractors we’re not the best because we say we are, but because our customers say we are. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Some of the reasons our clients recommend us to their friends, neighbours and business associates include:

  • Experience – Silvio Santos, the founder of Blue Line Contractors received his Civil Engineering degree in 1982 and has been a fixture in the Toronto building trades scene ever since. Widely respected for his commitment to excellence Silvio finds the best people to work for Blue Line and then stays with them. Because of this our construction crews are always led by the most qualified and experienced people in the GTA.
  • Conduct – Some home addition contractors in Toronto show up on the job site and act as though it’s their personal playground and garbage dump. That’s not the way we do business. Everyone who works for Blue Line treats your property with the utmost respect and conducts themselves in a professional manner at all times. During the construction process there is always someone on site who can answer your questions and address your concerns.
  • Quality – Everyone who works with us is taught to sweat the details because that’s where quality resides. We never accept ‘good enough’ or declare something finished until it’s done right. As a result the home addition we build for you will never create or experience foundation problems, have electrical or HVAC problems or experience problems or failure at the point of attachment like poorly built additions will.
  • Service – Unlike some home addition contractors in Toronto we don’t ever use high-pressure sales tactics and we don’t forget how to answer the phone after you sign the contract. We provide regular progress reports, respect the schedule and budget and don’t consider a job finished until you’re completely satisfied. It’s this customer-first approach that sets us apart from much of the competition.

At Blue Line Contractors we approach the business of home additions the way we do everything else: with focus, skill and patience. As a result our work stands apart from that of other home addition contractors in Toronto, and we’re proud of that. If you’re contemplating a home addition call us on 416-686-7627 and find out what so many of your neighbors already know: that Blue Line Contractors is the company to trust for all your home renovation needs.

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